“‘For a normal, politically astute person — regardless of political philosophy — you look at somebody’s résumé and you say, “Oh, you were the Southern Avenger who wrote things about how John Wilkes Booth didn’t go far enough,” that would raise alarm bells,’ said Bruce Bartlett, a former Ron Paul aide who worked for Presidents Ronald Reagan and George Bush.”
— This quote really sums up today’s 10 million word New York Times article on Rand Paul’s political philosphy


In 2011, SNAP generated $9 in economic activity for every $5 in spending.

SNAP is the new name for the food stamp program. This infographic shows that every $5 of food spent in 2011, $9 in economic activity was stimulated.

That’s another way of saying that food stamps don’t just feed hungry people–it’s good for the economy.


Apparently Fox reported this as a poll that didn’t blame the Republicans … 

ht: AM and Media Matters

Maybe it’s fine to allow them one at this point, you know, in the spirit of reconciliation. Even if it’s just Ms. Rogers third class.