Above: A gaunt looking John F. Kennedy after becoming a Representative in his official portrait; July 1947.

Rose Kennedy: Diary Entry 

November 3rd, 1960

We went to the airport Thursday to see Jack go off to California on his private plane. The first time I had seen it. Jean was aboard with Steve [Smith, her husband]. Dave Powers*, who goes to give Jack a few laughs and to look after his clothes. It is the first time Dave has gone, as he has a very possessive wife who will not let him out of her sight even for lunch, or sometimes even for breakfast with Jack, not to mention a dinner date. Joe [Sr.] has always had someone like a court jester around him, someone witty, light hearted; but faithful, loyal, and with sense enough to keep his mouth closed under all circumstances. And I think that Jack hoped that Dave Powers would fill this particular need in his life. Pat is to join the party out in California as Jackie is not going until Friday, because she is taking care of Caroline. 

Jack looks unusually well. His cheeks have filled out amazingly since I saw him in June. He has lost that lean Lincolnesque look which I secretly like better.

* Dave Powers was Jack’s confidant, assistant, and jack-of-all trades since the Congressional election of 1946.