TOTUS campaigns at Capital University in Cleveland, OH on Aug 21, 2012.

The fact that this is not a photoshop is great, and horribly saddening.

You know that like every world leader and presidential candidate, as well as every newscaster and TV personality, on the planet uses a teleprompter, right? And before there were teleprompters, there were cue cards, and presidents and presidential candidates and newscasters and TV personalities used those.

So you have to help me here. I’m not seeing why this would inspire sadness, unless you’re in the cue card business.

Sir, you have yet to meet Paul Ryan.

It’s true that Ryan’s pretty good without a teleprompter. That’s extra impressive, given the sheer number of lies the guy’s gotta keep straight in his head. If I was spinning just half the amount of bullshit this dude is, I wouldn’t even leave my house without like 6 pages of notes.

(via yebisu)